Jason Wynn was born premature along with his twin brother in 1987 in Virginia, his family later moved to Stone Mountain Georgia when he was 7 years old. Jason has always been a quiet and soft spoken individual that loves to observe others and pay close attention to the details of life. In 2011, Jason’s younger sister asked him for help in drawing a figure for her high school art project, In which he happily obliged and discovered his new found passion. From that moment forward, Jason would spend countless hours studying online art tutorials from various Youtube videos and websites and taught himself to draw pictures of the photorealistic genre. Over the next 3 years, most of Jason’s free time went to his artwork, often times drawing for 8+ hours straight. In 2014 Jason would move to Sacramento California to be with his now wife. Since moving to California, Jason’s work has been showcased at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center and has gained positive attention online.  In Jason’s own words, “I love drawing because it helps me mentally escape from the world. Being able to produce a realistic figure onto paper and manipulate light has always fascinated me.” Jason works mainly with toned paper, charcoal and graphite to produce accentuated highlights for a more life-like effect. Jason hopes that his self-taught artwork can inspire people to be great at whatever they choose to do; that with patience and dedication, anyone can accomplish anything you put your mind to